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Fox 9, Kosher Chinese food from Cantor Mitch – June 12, 2015

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Cantor Mitch on WXJT,  – May 23, 2015

When Cantor Mitch recently visited his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, CBS affiliate WJXT invited him to make some of his tasty summer soups for host Marcus White to taste. For the recipes, go to

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Cantor Mitch on Kare11

KARE11, Minneapolis, MN – Passover dishes – April 7, 2015

Cantor Mitch, author of ‘Kosher Cuisine For A New Generation,’ on KARE 11 Saturday with a great recipe idea for the kiddos.

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FOX 9, Minneapolis, MN – Passover dishes – March 27, 2015

Watch Cantor Mitch create sweet Passover dishes on Minneapolis’ Fox TV!


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WCCO Channel 4, Minneapolis, MN – Hannukah foods and customs – December 20, 2014

Watch Cantor Mitch as he makes gourmet Zucchini and shallot Lakes and Carrot,Pineapple Kugal with nutmeg,cinnamon and brown sugar. Hear him sing his original Hanukkah song..” Heart in the Flame of the Candle.” with Natalie and Mike on the Saturday morning show

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Cantor Mitch Fox 9 Cooking Demo

FOX 9,Minneapolis, MN – Hannukah dishes and songs – December 8, 2014

Had a wonderful time with Tom Butler making my new Latke recipe and explaining the history and significance of the Holiday.Of course The Cantor Chef had to share one one his favorite Hanukkah songs with everyone.

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KARE 11 Television Appearance September 20, 2014. Cooking Demo

Cantor Mitch, Author of Kosher Cuisine of New Generation, shares foods to celebrate the Jewish New Year. Watch as he explains why a Rosh Hashana Challah is round and not like the sabbath Challah. Watch him also make a traditional holiday dish called Carrot Tzimmes with his own twist.

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Cantor Mitch on Fox 9

Fox 9 Appearance September 12, 2014, 7:30PM-Demo

Cantor Mitch prepares holiday dishes with his own style. In this episode he brings you a traditional brisket with port wine sauce and Yukon yellow potatoes. Also grilled chicken with an apricot peach glaze and a Jewish favorite Knadleach with orange slices. His untraditional approach includes oriental string beans with sliced almonds and Bubbies Banana Bread with a chocolate drizzle. Listen to him sing a traditional children’s song “apples and honey” and explain the significance of the Jewish New Year. Let him tell you about his new book Kosher Cuisine for a New Generation.

Fox 9 April 25, 2014: Kosher cooking and Cantor Mitch

Watch Cantor Mitch as he shares his secret for making a light fluffy and delicious zucchini quiche. Let him show you his amazing knife skills and explain to you what Kosher is and means.

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KARE 11 April 11, 2014: Cantor Mitch celebrates Passover.

Discover Passover, it’s food and traditions with Cantor Mitch. Learn about the recipes in his book from Matza Kugal, Matza Balls and what dietary restrictions that apply on this holiday. Let him demonstrate the symbols that are on the Seder plate and their significance.

Cantor Mitch on Kare11

KARE 11 December 10, 2013: Cantor Mitch celebrates Thanksgivukkah.

Hannukah and Thanksgiving join together as Cantor Mitch brings his flair and voice tot his episode. Watch him make a traditional Hannukah dish, Latkas or potato pancakes for the entire TV crew. Listen to him explain why Hannukah is an eight day holiday and learn the significance of it’s joy and foods.

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