Orange Passion Fruit Sorbet
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  1. 2C orange juice
  2. 1C guava juice
  3. 1C mango juice
  4. 2T sugar
  5. 1T almond extract
  6. 1C Half and Half
  1. Combine all ingredients and follow the directions on your machine.
  1. Box: If you are having a Milchig (Milk) meal, you can substitute 1 ½ C of any of the juices in the Parve Sorbets with 1 ½ C half and half. It is creamy and delicious. Also if you want to add a little kick, try adding 2 shots of Baileys, Frangelico Liqueur or Grand Mariner. These liqueurs and the fruits work well together. You may find that you may want to try adding or subtracting 1T of sugar. You can also replace the sugar with an artificial sweetener. Either way, it all equals a wonderful finish to any meal.
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