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WJZM MWR Fort Campbell Friday Podcast – 04/17/15

Cantor Mitch talks about his upcoming appearance at the Military Spouse Appreciate Week.

Sandy Kastel & Friends – KLAV 1230 AM – 06/30/14

Cantor Mitch appeared on The Sandy Kastel show to discuss his new book, his cooking as well as his unique look at Kosher cooking.


About Kosher

Kosher Cuisine is a beautiful blend of
spices, passion and music all mixed
together to bring you the sweet taste
of life. It's been a life-long dream for
Cantor Mitch to merge his love for
people with his celebratory nature and
passion for great food and inspiring
music. Browse the website for
delicious recipes and great tunes.
Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Contact Mitch

  • Kosher Cuisine
  • 612-590-7380


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