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Music is a power all to itself. It has the ability to capture ones heart and soul like no other medium. The self expression that we all crave for is in the arts. It is through the arts that we yearn to reach out beyond ourselves and to define our very existence.

Music has been my life since I was a child. Whether listening, playing an instrument, or composing, I cannot envision my life without it. I have gone from Pop to Rock, Jazz to Opera, Symphonic to liturgical. I have been a composer over 40 years and wish to share with all of you the power of music. Many of the compositions you will hear are available through CANTOR MITCH. There are compositions for Solo voice and Choir for Shabbat and Holidays, including many Pop songs for teens and young adults. Just contact me for more information. May the power of music enrich all of us to complete our own journeys through life.

I gratefully acknowledge the composers who have let me use their compositions to share with all of us; Kenny Karen, Lew Pollok Naomi Shemer Michael Isackson, Debbie Friedman Max Janowsky and Jeff Klepper.

It is through their talents and creativity that we are all thankful.
Cantor Mitch

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Kosher Cuisine is a beautiful blend of
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