Cantor Mitch


“Shalom! I’m The Cantor Chef.”

As a young man I always had a love for food and music. One day when I came home from school my mother was cooking dinner. I noticed that she had put out all the spices from the cupboard and put them in front of the dish she was preparing. She asked, “What do you think this dish needs?” Thus began my journey with cooking that continues to this day.

When I finished school I decided to move to New York to pursue a career on the stage. As most actors know, shows only last for a limited time. Instead of going the usual route, I decided that between shows I would rather make food than serve it. It was then that I secured my first job as a vegetable cutter. For the next ten years New York was the city where I learned the culinary arts. I became a broiler man, a short order cook, a prep chef and finally, a Sous chef. Throughout this whole experience food and performing became a way of life.

Music has always been the beginning of my creativity. I started at a young age taking lessons on several instruments including voice, guitar, piano and French horn. I truly loved every moment of it. I had the wonderful opportunity through a scholarship to study composition and voice at the Conservatory of Cincinnati. It was there that my true classical instruction began. It wasn’t long before I realized that I really wanted to be on stage. The best place for me to go was to the “city that never sleeps.” I paid my way by cooking while I pursued my dream doing Off Broadway shows and Bus and Truck tours. Is it any wonder why I am now the Cantor Chef?

Judaism is the backbone of my existence. It illuminates the six points of the Star of David; God, family, community, food, music and thankfulness. After years of living in the city I decided to follow my parents’ advice and start my education to prepare for the Cantorate. I was a working full time cantor for over 25 years. As clergy, my spirituality and the need to help others enriched my life and my soul.

My new dream is to combine my two first loves; music and food. Now, as Cantor Mitch, “The Cantor Chef” my dream is now a reality. Kosher Cuisine For A New Generation has received wonderful reviews across the country. From TV to radio, from book stores to cooking classes, my philosophy of kosher cooking has been set on fire. Because of my great love for what I’m doing, I’m doing it with passion, enthusiasm and heart.

Love to cook

Love to sing

Love life!

About Kosher

Kosher Cuisine is a beautiful blend of
spices, passion and music all mixed
together to bring you the sweet taste
of life. It's been a life-long dream for
Cantor Mitch to merge his love for
people with his celebratory nature and
passion for great food and inspiring
music. Browse the website for
delicious recipes and great tunes.
Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

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